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3D Imaging Laser Scanner


Our 3D imaging laser scanner provides our clients with a 3D virtual reality view of your project providing a one stop capture all and collaborative tool to review progress, detailed information and provides remote site visits.

It provides our clients with:

  • A walk through
  • Images
  • Mini-map
  • Dolls house
  • The ability to take measurements
  • Information tagging

The scan also creates a high density structured point cloud which allows our designers to create an accurate, 3D measured drawn model to share with our clients. We have utilised these scans to illuminate site visits and provide a collaborative tool for clients and design teams to discuss project plans and updates.

The 3D imaging laser scanner has provided our clients with a model to discuss condition surveys and to manage future maintenance and developments of their buildings.

Take a look at a recent example which illustrates how the virtual walk through can save you time on site.

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