Temporary Works


"Temporary works" is a widely used expression in the construction industry for an "engineered solution" used to support or protect an existing structure or the permanent works during construction, or to support an item of plant or equipment, or the vertical sides or side-slopes of an excavation, or to provide access. The construction of most types of permanent works will require the use of some form of temporary works.

Temporary works is defined in BS5975: 2008 "Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework" as "(those) parts of the works that allow or enable construction of, protect, support or provide access to, the permanent works and which might or might not remain in place at the completion of the works".

Examples of temporary works include, but are not limited to:

Earthworks - trenches, excavations, temporary slopes and stockpiles. Structures - formwork, falsework, propping, facade retention, needling, shoring, edge protection, scaffolding, temporary bridges, site hoarding and signage, site fencing, cofferdams.

Equipment/plant foundations - tower crane bases, supports, anchors and ties for construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs), groundworks to provide suitable locations for plant erection, e.g. mobile cranes and piling rigs

Temporary Works Management

The correct design and execution of temporary works is an essential element of risk prevention and mitigation in construction. BS 5975:2008 provides recommendations and guidance on the procedural controls to be applied to all aspects of temporary works in the construction industry and on the design, specification, construction, use and dismantling of falsework.

Temporary works procedures

Contractors should be able to demonstrate that they have in place effective arrangements for controlling risks arising from the use of temporary works. These are usually captured in a temporary works procedure which will contain most or all of the following elements:

Control and supervision of the erection, safe use, maintenance and dismantling of the temporary works ie, procedures to:

Struktura Engineering Services Staff have completed Temporary Works Co-ordination courses and are CSCS Site Manager and IPAF 3a and 3b trained.